Corporate Law,a combination of competencies

João Eduardo de Villemor Amaral, with his team of lawyers, combine practice and experience to solve for companies complex situations within the sphere of Law.

Solutions created anddeveloped on a case by case basis

J AMARAL ADVOGADOS law firm started from the meeting of professionals who developed outstanding careers in the best law firms and as legal counselors in large companies. The intention was to create a dynamic and efficient firm that provided customized services. We count on a team both prepared and committed, ready to meet the needs of our clients.

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Ethics in human relations

Ethics is an asset that requires daily care and zeal. Therefore, the work of J AMARAL ADVOGADOS rests on two pillars: earnestness and integrity.

Objectivity and clarity

The final work products are clear, direct and objective. “To speak the client’s language” is more than to provide good services; it is a distinctive skill of J AMARAL ADVOGADOS team.


A satisfied client is our guarantee of permanence in the market. Understanding clients’ needs and translating them into a fast and efficient service is a permanent challenge.

Development of the team

Personal and professional growth is the incentive that impels and invigorates us. Cooperation and team spirit are essential attributes for a healthy work environment.


Provision of servicesto companies

The focus of J AMARAL ADVOGADOS is on the provision of services to companies, from solutions for out-of-Court conflicts, contracts, litigation, Court-supervised reorganization, credit collection, labor, tax, arbitration, company operations and matters involving governance and company management. 

The affordable advocacy promoted by the firm includes the provision of family and succession law services, frequently requested by company leaders, besides the direct participation of partners and our differentiated service pattern.


The structure of retail companies adapted for the dynamic of business dealings based on new technologies originated the special skill of J AMARAL ADVOGADOS in finding efficient solutions for the different kinds of problems found in that sector that has had a growing participation in the national economy.


A traditional magnet for investments and building of assets, the industrial activity finds support for its legal claims at J AMARAL ADVOGADOS, due to the in-depth analysis of strategies that can minimize the risks of a sector that, despite its importance, faces the effects of an outdated public policy.


The participation of the service sector in the Brazilian economy led to the skill of J AMARAL ADVOGADOS in dealing with complex situations within the sphere of Law for that sector. The recovery of the economy and the maturing of the relations between the public and the private sectors make this segment one of the pillars that sustain the positive results of the law firm.


The financial system and its specific needs demand from J AMARAL ADVOGADOS a constant updating of the types of assistance and the development of new technologies that impact the sector and have consequences in the legal sphere. The law firm keeps frequent communication with the main innovation centers of the world.

Legal performance metrics

Each such achievement of J AMARAL ADVOGADOS may be translated into numbers that show the efficiency of the team in solving complex legal problems for companies. This is how to present results to our clients.


Specialized activity in essential areasof company life.

At J AMARAL ADVOGADOS, areas of activity are included into the law firm services according to the profile and progress of clients’ businesses, by permanent confirmation of innovation patterns adopted in managing legal matters.


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